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Pretending He Had Previous Contact

Here's a funny one...this is the beginning of an email I got from a website I had never had any contact with:

Just a quick follow-up from [spammerwebsite].com.

To refresh your memory...

Hmmm...so apparently I did contact them, and they're "following-up" that discussion. I just don't remember contacting them.

Of course, the really odd thing is, I received this email 3 times in a single day! On three separate email addresses! So, apparently I had talked to three of their reps, and didn't remember any of them!

I must be losing my mind...

A Helpful Hint
If someone sends you an email that refers to a 'previous' conversation they had with you, don't assume it's so! If they had a conversation with you, they would mention specifics of the conversation which would refresh your memory.

And if they didn't have a conversation with you, but are pretending they did, that tells you one thing, and one thing only about them: They are dishonest people that you don't want to do business with!

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