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Is Your Spam Machine Broken?

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, so I just couldn't resist posting this picture, which is a screenshot of my Outlook inbox:

Note: the [spammername]'s email domain has been changed to protect the guilty. :)

What's the point? Notice that this 'distance learning company' is sending out triplicate copies of all their spam. When I received the first triplicate, I ignored it. When the second set came in (that was the one a week before Christmas) I fired off an email to them, telling them that not only were they spamming someone who didn't ask to be on their email list, but they were sending three copies of each piece of spam!

Now, if this was me (heaven forbid that I would be spamming people, but if it was me) I would shut down the spam machine the moment I learned that it was firing off triplicate emails. After all, if one piece of spam is irritating, three is infuriating! So I was quite confident the spam would stop.


A Helpful Hint
I don't have any helpful tips on this...this one just makes me shake my head and sigh in dismay. I'm still hoping that when they say 'Last Chance', they really mean it. Somehow I doubt that.

Added note: It's been about a month since I wrote this article. In that time, the teletraining people have continued to spam me. I now have a total of 28 teletraining emails in my in box.

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