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NBC, CBS, CNN, and Oprah

Well, I've already commented elsewhere in the black list about taking medical advice from spammers, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to comment on this one. Notice the progression of 'news' sources cited in the spam:

As Seen on NBC, CBS, CNN and even Oprah!

The Health Discovery that Actually Reverses Aging while Burning Fat, without Dieting or Exercise!

Did you catch that? "and even Oprah!" Sure, it was on NBC, CBS, and CNN, but the real clincher--the thing that let's you know it really must be true, is the fact that Oprah did a spot on it!

The thing that puzzles me is: is this a commentary on the stupidity of the spammer, or on the stupidity of our society? Do we as a society really believe that Oprah's talk show is a more reliable news source than CNN? Or is it just the spammer who thinks that?

Later on in the message, the spammer adds this comment:

This Proven Discovery has even been reported on by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Now, granted, I would be more interested in what the New England Journal of Medicine has to say, than what Oprah has to say...but please note that nowhere has the spammer actually quoted one of these news sources! For all we know, maybe the New England Journal Of Medicine says:

This product has been proven to result in a 95% fatality rate when administered to laboratory animals

Well, that would certainly be classified as having 'been reported on', but it wouldn't do anything to convince me to buy the product!

A Helpful Hint
Beware of promotional language like what you see here. So what if the product has been mentioned by CNN, NEJM, or even Oprah! Find out what those sources said, before you assume that what they said was good!

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