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A University Diploma Waiting For You

Oh my goodness. I just don't know what to say. So, I'll just post this stupidity for you...maybe you'll be as speechless as I...

A University Diploma Is Waiting For You
There Are No Required Tests, Classes, or Interviews.

Call Now To Insure Your Future!
**** [spammertelephone] ****

All levels of diplomas awarded
including bachelors, masters, PhD's, and MBA's.

No one is turned down and
Confidentiality is assured!

Someone is Always Waiting To Take Your Call
**** [spammertelephone] ****

Yes indeed. You too can have a doctorate without ever going to a class, taking a test, or even talking to anyone!

What can I say? I'd rather get a diploma from a cracker jacks box than from these guys.

Is anyone stupid enough to call these people? If you are, please send me an email, because I want to hear all about your experiences.

The good news is...if you're dumb enough to take them up on this, you probably will learn one important thing: never do business with them again!

A Helpful Hint
*can't think of anything useful to say about this*

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