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Redirected To A Spammer's Website

This one was just downright hilarious. I received two copies of the following spam:

Browsing through the CNN website I came across this CNN article which seems to be about you:



What happened when I clicked on the link? Well, it looked as though it was going to take me to the cnn website, but in fact, it took me to the spammer's website!

These people must think we're really dumb, if we're going to be bamboozled by this!

"Oh my," (the moronic customer says) "The only way these people can get me to visit their website is by tricking me. But I'm sure they're fine, upstanding characters, so I think I'll give them my credit card number, and spend my money here."

Ha ha.

A Helpful Hint
If someone gets you to go to their website through devious/deceptive means, obviously you are not going to do business with them! If you can't trust them to market honestly, how could you possibly have trust in their promises or their products?

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