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Click Here To Be Removed From Future Offers

There's a new class of spammer out there which I've been seeing more and more of in the last few months. They're the spammers that are so stupid that they make normal spammers look smart!

I kid you not.

Take a look at this one. I've seen several like this recently, and for once I'm posting the entire piece of spam.

Click here to be removed from future offers. riivfccfxn awtsb bfp zlfj tusxx kdkm csdsltdaxp

Yep. That's it. No sales pitch. No offer. No promises of instant financial security, or enhanced sexual prowess.

Just an invitation to remove your email from their mailing list.

So what's really going on here?

Well, it's actually pretty simple. The spammer has sent you an html email, and the primary content of the email is a picture, which is hosted on a website somewhere. There's only one line of actual text; everything else is part of the image.

So what went wrong? Well, there are two possibilities, and I've seen both of them. First possibility: the spammer is hosting his image on a very 'flaky' server--one which has more downtime than uptime. In other words, by the time you get the email, the website hosting the picture is no longer available. Thus, all you see is the text.

The other possibility is that the spammer has created a very large image for you to view. Since it's a large image, it takes time to download, and while it's downloading all you see is the text. In fact, in most cases I never do see the image, because I don't waste my time waiting for it to download; I just hit the delete key, and never even find out what they were trying to advertise.

A Helpful Hint
There really isn't much to say about this. I just posted this so you would understand why you're getting spam with nothing in it but an invitation to unsubscribe.

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