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Generate Hits On Your Website

A while back I received an email from a company which offers website promotion services. It was an html email with several pictures in it. The email promised to boost my website traffic by a very large percentage. In fact, they didn't just promise; they offered a money-back guarrantee! "If you don't get x number of hits on your website in the next month, we'll refund your money completely!"

It sounds like a good deal. Too good to be true?

You betcha!

As I looked at the email, I found myself wondering about the point of the various pictures in the email. Some of them seemed to be 'marginally' related to the subject of the email, but others seemed to be completely unrelated (for example, there was a very nice picture of two race cars colliding, with the caption 'lots of hits' underneath it)

After studying the email for a minute, I decided to view the html source code of the email. (You can do this by right-clicking the email and selecting 'view source') Suddenly it all became clear. Each image in the email was hosted on a different webserver.


Because every time someone viewed that email, it generated a hit on that webserver.

In other words, if you signed up for this guy's service, and he promised 50 thousand hits on your website in the next month, he would then link an image on your website into an email, and then fire off that email to 50 thousand potential customers. Voila! 50 thousand hits on your website...but not a single one of these 50 thousand people actually visited your site!

A Helpful Hint
Keep in mind that there are countless ways of perpetrating scams on the internet. You must always be on your guard against stunts like this.

One of the best plans is to completely ignore the spam you received, and do your own research to find a reputable company.

My own policy is, I will never do business with a company that spams me, even if (after research) I find that their prices are the best.

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