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Unsubstantiated Promises From Spammers

I've been receiving about ten emails a day offering to 'improve' my sexual performance...this is the first one that was not so graphic that I don't mind posting it on my website. So I'm going to post this spam (almost) in its entirety.

Greetings! My name is TIM and there's something I want to share with you. I'm not going to lie, I am a salesman (obviously). A company I work with has just entered the wonderful world of herbal medicine and I want to share my PERSONAL experience with you because this has changed my life. If it hadn't worked for me, I wouldn't be here selling it today!

I'm not some guy who is just going to toss a few catch phrases at you and give you some lame sales pitch. Why? Because my product is absolutely real and recommended by doctors around the world. That's right, [...] is actually recommended by doctors! There's a lot that say it, but can they prove it like we can? NO.

This is the internet, it's tough to tell what is real and what is not; who to trust, and who is just trying to scam you. When I purchased my first bottle I was more than skeptical, but within 2 weeks I was very satisfied with the results. Within 2 months I was happier than I had ever been. [...]

My product is not for everyone of course. [...] But guys, like I said before this IS the internet; it can be totally anonymous. You can get your bottle and have it delivered to you discreetly. If you like the results you can stay on the pills. If you don't, you have nothing to worry about because our product is 100% GUARANTEED or your money back! However, I can tell you that we have never had an unsatisfied customer :).

So if you want to learn more about my product, take a second to visit our website.


Visit Our Informative Website Now

First of all, I would like to point out the foolishness of thinking that just because this idiot 'claims' you can trust him, there's no reason to believe it. After all, every scam artist will claim the same thing.

Second, please note that while he claims 'we can prove it', he never offers to do so. "Oh," you might think, "they probably offer the 'proof' on the website". Not so.

Third, beware of extreme statements like "However, I can tell you that we have never had an unsatisfied customer" This could very well be true, but if it is, it probably means that the company started in the last week or two, and therefore has had no customers at all!

Next, I visited their website. I was very interested to notice that as soon as you get to their website, the following things happen:

  • the browser address bar disappears
  • the browser menus disappear
  • Windows 'cut and paste' has been disabled in the browser
  • right-clicking the window (typically used to view source, or other commands) has been disabled.

One might ask "Why have they gone to so much trouble to make sure you can't do anything with your webbrowser while you visit their website?"

Hmmm...very suspicious.

Finally, I looked all over the website, and never found a page where you can get information about who these people are. You can't get a telephone number, an address, a name...nothing!

He's right; the internet is anonymous...but the idea is, the customer should be anonymous, not the vendor!

So I ask you...who in their right mind would buy medicine from these guys?

A Helpful Hint
I've said it before, I'll say it again. If you need medicines of any sort, get them from your doctor/pharmacist. Don't even think about buying them from a spammer who, for all you know, might be selling poison in medicine bottles.

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