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Quality Watches From an Anonymous Source

Once again, I found myself laughing at this company's spam. Take a look at the first line:

Please note to send ALL REPLY e-mail direct to our sales representative at: [spammername]

Why is it funny? Because it is a indirect admission on the part of the company that they are violating the terms of use of their internet provider. How so? Simple. If they weren't indulging in marketing techniques that are in violation of their IP's TOU policy (AKA 'spamming'), they would be sending the spam on their company email address. Instead, knowing that as soon as they send the spam, they're going to have their mailbox terminated, they use a throw-away email address.

Well, okay, we already know from the very first sentence that we're not going to do business with these idiots...just for kicks, lets see what they're trying to sell us:

Thank you for expressing interest in ATGWS watches.

You know...I've received at least six copies of this email in the last couple weeks, and every one of them started with exactly the same words! The funny thing, of course, is that I've never expressed interest in ATGWS watches, whatever those are.

So, now that, in the course of two sentences they have proven to us in two completely different ways that they are cheating slimy sleazebags...do we really need to read any further?

I don't think so.

By the way, it's getting a little tedious for me to repeat this, but it's worth repeating: I went to their website, and while there is a 'sales' email address, there is no personally identifiable information which allows us to even know what country these morons are working out of, let alone who they actually are! So even if we didn't already know they were cheating slimy sleazebags...would we do business with them?

I don't think so.

A Helpful Hint
If you aren't on these guy's mailing list, pray that you never get on it. Of course, you'll never need a watch then, because these guys send so much spam it just keeps coming in like...clockwork.

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