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Food Resources Link Exchange

One of my most popular websites (even more popular than this one!) is The Problem Site, a site with brainteasers, math problems, and online thinking games for students.

One of the pages on The Problem Site is called Doug's Brainfood. Notice that the title of the page contains the word 'food', but the website has absolutely nothing to do with food.

Okay, so here's the spam I received.


I checked your website http://www.theproblemsite.com/ and I believe it is compatible with mine, and I think it would be great to make a link exchange. My name is Paul Cabay and this is my site: "[spammerwebsite]".

What do you say? If the answer is yes then all you have to do is to visit my online submission form [spammerwebsite] and introduce your data there and your link will be up on my site in a few hours.

And this is my linking information :

URL: [spammerwebsite]
Title: Food Resources
Description: food related news, books and web resources

I thought this was moderately funny. Obviously Paul had a spider looking for pages that had something to do with food, and even though my website had nothing to do with food, it was popular enough that it ranked high enough for him to find it.

And obviously he didn't even bother to visit the page once the spider found it; he just trusted the spider to give him accurate information.

Then he ended his letter by saying:

P.S. Should you consider my email unwanted, you don't need to worry because I will not email you again unless you contact me.

Of course, this is quite untrue. Since receiving this email, I have received a total of five emails with similar invitations. My favorite was the one that suggested that I link my 'biography' page to his 'humor' page. Apparently I'm just a funny guy.

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