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Secret BulkersClub Site

In a previous article I talked about an idiot named Dave who keeps sending me spam, then when I get his email canceled he sends more spam on his new address. By now I think I've gotten a total of seven email addresses of his canceled. Three Yahoo, one hotmail, and three at indiatimes.com.

Here's his most recent one, which I received 3 copies of yesterday:

Hi, I got your name from Tim on the secret Bulkersclub site, he said you're a bigtime mailer, and I'd be willing to let you into the Pinacle affiliate program. We have three open slots right now for high-volume mailers. My biggest mailer is making $12,000 a week. Pinacle is a male enhancement pill that is selling like wildfire.

Ha ha...can you imagine...he claims that there's a secret 'bulkersclub' (presumably people who do a lot of bulk mailing) and I...the webmaster of an anti-spam website...am a member of it!

Can it get any stupider than this?

He ends the email by saying:

Shoot me an email and I'll send you all the specifics on the program. Make sure to contact me within 24 hours because I expect to fill these slots by tomorrow. Thanks --[spammername]

What he really means is, "Some jerk out there keeps getting my email addresses canceled, so please respond before he gets a chance to get this address canceled too!"

Oops...I guess that would be me...

*is so ashamed*

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