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Clean Mailing Lists From A Spammer?

Okay, this is just plain bizarre. I received the following email this morning (this is the second identical email I've received from this guy in the last month.) He begins as follows:

Sales / Marketing,

My name is Vic. I came across your website via Google.com. I am sending this business email to introduce myself and my company, [spammername], in an attempt to explore the marketing possibilities for your website. We are a full-service, double opt-in email consumer marketing company.

If you're wondering what he's talking about, he has a huge mailing list that he uses for the purpose of advertising consumer products. For example, if I pay him X dollars, the next time he sends a newsletter to his mailing list, he'll include an advertisement for my anti-spam website. (Ironic, isn't it?)

He proceeds to brag about how 'clean' his mailing list is--he doesn't have anyone on his mailing list who doesn't want to be on it!

All of our names come from our website. We are not a compiled list, or have email names that come from some "ghost network of sites." We do not re-market any outside email lists.


Unlike most companies, we look at our list as an online community. We send them a newsletter every 15th of the month. We scrub our lists 3 times a week. We verify the validity of each and every email address. This prevents any sign-up software, such as Gator, from entering our community.

And yet...

...after bragging about how he's not spamming people because they all want to be on his list...

...he goes and spams me.

Truly ironic.

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