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Long Lost Friend Contacts Me?

Okay, there's not much to say about this one, except, of course, "How dumb do they think we are?"

hey what's up...it's been a while...i'm just on my way out but i wanted to let you know about a really cool thing I just started using, I've lost a bunch of weight in the past few weeks and I don't even diet or exercise. I found a website that is selling it dirt cheap so you may want to grab some while you can, the link is below....gotta take off, later

I'm trying to imagine what kind of person, upon getting an email like this from someone they've never even met or heard of, thinks to themselves, "Oh! I must be so senile that I've just forgotten this long lost old friend. I'm so glad they remembered me after all this time...uh...however long it's been..."

And then they buy into the weightloss program, because their friend they don't even know recommends it?

Naw...get a grip...we're not that stupid!

Oh...and when I clicked the link, the server had already been shut down. Does that tell you anything?

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