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Grammatically Incorrect Spam From US Guide

Today I got an email from 'The US Guide'. Their message began with the following statement:

You are receiving this email from The Us Guide response to your request for more information while registering with The Us Guide.

Of course, you've read enough of the articles on this site to know this is the most common ploy spammers use to get you to believe they have a right to spam you. You also know that I have email addresses which I never use when filling out forms, so I'll know it's been 'harvested' when it recieves spam.

That's right; this was one of those email addresses.

Well, I was curious to see what these spammers looked like, so I visited their site. Interesting...like most of the spammers I've come in contact with, they have absolutely NO contact information listed anywhere on the site.

Not really surprising.

So I visited their 'unsubscribe' page, just for kicks. Here's what it says:

If you are receiving e-mails from us. It is because you are subscribed to our member list. Some people say that the did not subscribe. But you have probably downloaded, signed up, or got a free services some were and checked the box to receive our great offers or to be added to our mailing list. At any time you may unsubscribe to our list. We have a zero tolerance policy for Spam. We do not spam or take any part in spam. We only mail to a subscribe list.

Please note that sentence toward the end: 'We have a zero tolerance policy for Spam.'

HELLO!?!? 'Zero tolerance' means 'no tolerance at all!' How can someone who spams people claim to have a 'zero tolerance policy'?

A Helpful Hint
Do I really need to say anything? We've caught them in a lie before even visiting their site, and they continued the lie once I got to the site.

Then there's the fact that, from reading their email and their website, we realize these guys can't even write grammatically correct sentences! Do we really want them to be our 'guides' to the internet?

Let's just stay away.

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