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Huge Images In Unsolicited Emails Drive Me Crazy!

I received an email, which contained nothing but a single image. The image was saved as a bitmap instead of a jpeg, or a gif file. If you don't know the difference, a bmp (bitmap) file is just about the largest format an image file can be stored in.

Even worse, the image was a very high resolution image, which means it took several minutes to download over a dialup connection. When I finally received it, this is what I saw (I've shrunk the image, and changed the format so it will load quickly):

I was severely irritated by this, and wrote the following email which--after counting to ten (a few times) I decided not to send. But I felt so much better after writing it!

Spamming people is like waving a big flag over your head that says 'Hi, I'm a cheesy company that can't afford real marketing techniques, so you probably shouldn't do business with me.'

Spamming people by sending them uncompressed bitmaps that take several minutes to download on a dialup is like waving that same flag, only now it reads, 'Besides which, I'm so dumb and inconsiderate I think you have nothing better to do with your time than download pictures of ugly dudes with big hair. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do business with me, because if the big hair and long download time doesn't catch your attention, I'm going to go out of business for sure!"

This has been a public service announcement from yet another person who certainly will NEVER do business with you.

Someone who isn't half so dumb as you

A Helpful Hint
This is a seriously 'newbie' stunt. It's not just bad business, it shows a deplorable lack of knowledge of internet business practices. Any time someone sends an email that takes more than a couple seconds to download, they are demonstrating their own ignorance. If it makes you feel better, you can always write to them and help them out of their ignorance, but I don't think I'd bother...

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