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Insurance Broadcasting?

I got an email today that really annoyed me. It was from an "Insurance Broadcasting" company, which basically means, they are a company whose sole purpose is to indiscriminately spam people with information about the insurance industry.

Nothing new there, there are tons of companies that exist solely to spam people. So why am I annoyed? Because the email size was 195KB. That's right...almost a fifth of a megabyte. What is the matter with these idiots? It's not enough that they spam me, they have to waste my precious time downloading enormous images, along with the text I will never read.

These spammers also shared the following boast:

over 140,000 subscribers
+ over 50,000 affiliate subscribers

It seems like this must be a reputable firm, if they've got so many people subscribed to their mailing list, right?

I mean, you don't just collect a list of subscribers that big overnight, right?

Guess again. You get a list that big overnight if you buy it from someone! Of course, you know they didn't get the list in any legitimate manner, since if they did, I wouldn't be on it!

A Helpful Hint
Don't assume that just because some spammer boasts a huge mailing list that means he's a legitimate business. No, the fact that you are on his mailing list even though you didn't sign up is proof that there is something rotten in Denmark.

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