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Inquiry From Japan

Dear Madam / Sir :

We are glad to receive your email and thank you for your quotation. Would you please offer us more products slabs and tiles ,more information about them and more preferential prices ? We think it will be more interesting . Furthermore , we would appreciate it if you could introduce your company in detail . In addition ,if we will make a deal ,could you tell us what are your deal terms and conditions ?

This is the beginning of an email from a company in Japan, who I apparently sent an email to, giving a quotation on some goods "slabs and tiles".

Typical spammer trick, pretending that I was the one to contact them. Of course, I don't buy that stunt. I've seen it too many times. Besides which, I'm not in the "slabs and tiles" business.

But here's what makes this interesting. They couldn't invent a story and stick to it. Look at the end of the email:

PS: We do apol ogize for disturbing you ,if you are not a stone company . Please tell us with the subject "Don't write to me again ,please." in your next email to us ,so that we won't bother you once more. Thank you for your cooperation !

Did you catch that? After pretending that they received an email from me, they finish up by acting as though they are the ones who have contacted me. Typical spammer stupidity; can't even write a three paragraph email that is internally consistent and coherent.

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