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Viagra, Cialis, Xanax,Valium

The purpose of this entry is simply to demonstrate, once again, the utter stupidity of spammers. How many times have you received junk emails telling you where you can get cheap prices on viagra, cialis, xanax, or valium?

Well, yesterday I got one that takes the cake. I'm going to paste just a little snapshop of the email below. I've shrunk this down quite a bit so it'll fit on the screen:

viagra xanax cialis valium

Isn't it a thing of beauty? Actually, you probably can't tell what you're looking at, so let me give you a close-up of the viagra price:
viagra price

You see what they did? Instead of using the words viagra, xanax, cialis, and valium (which would have caused my anti-spam software to reject the mail) or using an image (which Outlook would have blocked) they made up the words out of random letters, so it wouldn't be rejected or blocked.

Seems like a clever idea, right? So why am I calling this evidence of utter stupidity?

Because the email has a forged address, no web address or contact information whatsoever!

Imagine that! The idiot probably spent hours designing his sales pitch out of random letters, and then forgot to tell us how to get in touch with him!

Does it get any stupider than that?

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