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It seems as though these days I'm posting nothing but entries about how stupid spammers are. It's really depressing, but it does teach us something. Generally speaking, when people engage in an activity for an extended period of time, they get better at it. (I'm much better at playing the violin after 12 years of lessons than I was the first time I picked it up)

So what does that tell us, if spammers aren't getting any smarter? Either it tells us that they have an IQ lower than a doorpost, or that they are smart enough to realize it's not working, and they give up before they get good at it.

So, what is today's stupidity? Well, it's another one of those viagra, cialis, xanax, valium, ambine, and meridia emails. I seem to be getting a lot of those lately. In fact, my most recent post was about another one of those idiotic pieces of spam.

This email contained an image, and you can see a piece of that image below: 

But here's the funny thing; the guy had resized his pic to 100x100 pixels. So in the email it looks like this: 

Can you read that? Nooooooo...

In fact, the only way you can read this is to right-click and do a "Save As", then open the pic in your graphics software. Who (besides me) would waste their time doing that?

I didn't think so.

When will they ever learn? Oh...wait...I guess we already established that they won't.


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