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Yahoo Losing Credibility?

A couple weeks ago I posted regarding an "Insurance Broadcasting" firm which was sending out spams somewhere around a fifth of a megabyte long to over 140 thousand people at once. Since then, they now boast a subscription list of 225 thousand, which means they are daily filling the internet with forty-five thousand megabytes of spam daily.

Will the internet survive these idiots? I don't know. After I realized that this firm was going to spam me every day with another stupid newsletter, I decided it was time to notify the Yahoo abuse department of what was happening. So I forwarded to them the emails I received, with the appropriate message headers, so they could track down the offending account.

They replied within a couple days, thanking me for my report, and also mentioning that they had recieved copies of the email from other spamees as well.

In the past, that typically meant the account was going to be canceled within a day...two or three at the most.

Now here it is a couple weeks later, and I'm still receiving monstrously huge emails daily from this account, and daily forwarding them to Yahoo's abuse email address (abuse@yahoo.com).

I'm very disappointed that Yahoo no longer seems to treat spam reports as seriously as they used to. Gone are the good old days...


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