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Old Lady And Dog Food

Recently I received the following email from a friend. It is a joke without a punchline.


An old lady walked into a Grocery Store.

She wanted to buy the best dog food in the world for her little puppy.

She went up to the cash register to buy the food.

The saleslady told her that the store did not allow old ladies to buy animal food unless they show the actual animal because a lot of old ladies like to eat the animal food themselves.

So, the old lady went home, got her dog and went back to the store to buy her dog food.

The next day she came back to buy the best cat food around.

But the saleslady told her the same thing, so the old lady went back home and brought her cat to the Grocery Store to buy the cat food.

The next day the old lady went to the Grocery Store again carrying a big container.

She went up to the the saleslady and said, "Put your hand inside here "

The Saleslady shook her head. "NO," she said, "there is probably something in there that will bite me! "

"I promise you there is nothing in here that will bite you," the old lady said.

So the Saleslady stuck her hand inside the container and screamed.

To find out what was inside the container you must send it to at least 8 people.

When the computer says your mail has been sent, hit ALT-8 and the container will pop up on your screen.

First things first. You should be aware that forwarding this email to eight, eighty, or even eight hundred people will not cause your computer to reveal the punch line of the joke, no matter how many times you press ALT-8. So don't even try.

Do you want to know the punchline of the joke? Fine. Here it is: "And the old lady said, 'NOW can I buy some toilet paper?"

See? You really didn't want to know, did you?

Why did someone start this joke circulating around the internet, anyway? I suspect the answer is, in part, that it becomes a great way of harvesting email addresses. When I received this email, there were fifty-three email addresses embedded in the message. They were the email addresses of the person who sent it to me, the other people she sent it to, as well as a bunch of people who had received it in the past.

Sooner or later, some spammer will get a copy of this, and it will contain my email address, and I'll start getting even more spam than I already do!

A Helpful Hint
Never pass on forwarded emails like this, because it's a sure way for your email address and your friends' email addresses to end up in the hands of an email harvester who wants nothing better than to spam you!

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