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Satisfaction Guaranteed? Not From A Spammer!

I decided it was time to do a little research into the fly-by-night online companies that advertise with bulk email campaigns. You know (if you've read my previous entries on this site) that I don't have much respect for companies that use spam to promote their product...

No...wait, did I say much? I don't have any respect for them.

Often they will promise you 'satisfaction guaranteed', but how much is that promise worth, really? Well, I decided to dig into my junk email folder and look at the spam I received two weeks ago. (Like the luncheon meat, email spam does not improve with age...)

And I began clicking on web links from these emails, curious to see what percentage of the websites were actually still in operation. I had a suspicion that even after just two weeks had gone by, I would find a significant number of missing websites. Why? Because companies that resort to spam are not long for this world. They either die of natural causes, or they get their website suspended because of their horrible marketing techniques.

Sure enough, I discovered that just under fifty percent of the websites I clicked were still in operation. Do you realize what this means? It means that if you spend your money on a company that spams you, you are looking at better than even odds that no one will be around to support that money back guarantee.

You might as well kiss your money goodbye.

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