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Broadcasting My Mortgage Application?

I'm sure you've seen these ones before:

Hello [my email address snipped],

We tried to contact you earlier about flnanclng your home at a lower rate.

I would like to let you know that we have gone ahead and started the preapproval process,
Here are the results:

Name: Dtwitch
Negotiable Amount: $242,000 to $813,000
Rate: 4.19% - 7.63%

For more information or to have a broker contact you please visit:

The thing that I got a kick out of on this one was that though this unsolicited email was addressed to me personally (well, okay, putting my email address in the greeting isn't exactly personal but it's about the best we can expect from moronic spammers)...even though it was addressed to me, the Carbon Copy field (CC) had six other email addresses in it.

You've got to wonder about the intelligence level of a spammer who would try to dupe people into thinking he's going to help them out with their home mortgages, yet for six out of seven emails, he's got the wrong greeting line.

Wait a minute...I just realized I used the phrase "moronic spammers" in an earlier paragraph...

And my mother always told me to avoid unnecessary redundancies...

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