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Cheaper Software: 'This Is Not A Snare'

I've been seeing spams like this a lot recently; invitations to purchase much cheaper software. The software is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) package, so it doesn't have fancy packaging or reference books. But it's a whole lot cheaper. Right?

Here's the spam:

There is not a snare - the software variants that our firm suggest are OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer. A retail variant comes in a phantasy package, OEM isn't.

Wherefore should you give thousands of dollars bigger if you can receive exactly the similar production but much more cheaper?

You don't have to give money that much for the visualising box and reference books.

The thing is, I automatically distrust anyone who has to start out their business proposition with the disclaimer "This is not a trick!" It makes me think of something Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount: he said that you should not take vows, but instead "let your yes be yes and your no be no". The idea is that you should be so honest that you are never put in the ridiculous position of stamping your foot and saying "BUT I AM HONEST!"

But let's get beyond that for a moment. I'd just like to point out that you have no way of knowing what this software really is. Here's what's likely to happen: You get your software package, and realize that it's just a copy that someone burned onto a CD-R. "That's okay," you think, "as long as I've got my certificate of authenticity, I know it's legit." So you go looking for the certificate of authenticity, and discover...

...it ain't there.

So you know the guy is not legit. What are you going to do? Email him and ask for your money back? You know you won't get it. Why not? Because he's not legit!

A Helpful Hint
Stay away from scams like this. When people offer you software at substantially reduced rates, you can almost guarantee that it's pirated software. Even if you get the product you ordered, you won't have legitimate recourse for technical support, upgrades, or other software issues.

Get your software the old fashioned way...pay for it!

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