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Get Young Quick With HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

Sure, none of us want to get older. In fact, none of us would complain about looking and feeling younger! But if I add up all the time I've spent deleting 'HGH' emails from my computer, I suspect this 'miracle drug' has actually aged me by about a year and a half!

I just ran a search through my emails, and found that I have in my inbox eighteen emails about HGH. And that's just the ones I didn't delete. Here's just one sample:

My name is Dr. Don Johnson, President of the American Anti-Aging Society. Our well known and established organisation is constantly researching and developing methods and products to slow down and even reverse the effects of aging. I'm writing to share with you an important medical breakthrough in the treatment of aging.


Dr. Don Johnson
American Anti-Aging Society

Once again, let's go to our trusty friend google, and run a search. Let's run a search for...oh...I don't know...how 'bout...American Anti-Aging Society! After all, if they're as 'well known and established' as the good doctor claims, we'll be able to find them. Right?


A Helpful Hint
Personally, I'm not very trusting of people who have to tell me how well known and reputable they are. If I need drugs, I'll get them from my doctor. Not from medical gurus on the internet! Especially not ones that spam me! How am I to know he's really Don Johnson, anyway? Maybe he's actually Nash Bridges! Maybe he's just a complete quack! And the only thing you should get from quacks is duck eggs (and spam)!

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