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Spammer Fails Math Test

I spend so much time looking through spam, hoping for a moment of amusement, or something of interest I can share with you, my readers, and once in awhile I find something that really makes me chuckle. Let's take a look at this one: 


we have just launched our annual clearance sale for computer software.

our prices are incredibly lower, about 200 to 400 percent off retail prices

please take a look at some of our software titles

available and ready to ship to your doorstep, we also offer you Easy Downloadable delivery Spftware

Why does this make me chuckle? Well, let's do a little bit of mathematics. Let's suppose that an item (a piece of 'spftware' perhaps, whatever that is) costs $100.00. Okay? Now here's your math quiz:

How much would it be if it was 25% off?
How much would it be if it was 50% off?
What about if it was 75% off?

Hopefully you answered $75.00, $50.00, and $25.00 for those three questions. You see a pattern here, right? As the percent off increases, the price drops. Great. So...

How much would it be if it was 100% off?

FREE, right? Absolutely! So...what about if it was 200 percent off, or 400 percent off, as the email promises?

That's right, my friends, these idiots are offering to pay you to take the spftware off their hands. No wonder, of course...I mean...who even wants spftware in the first place?

Certainly not me.

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