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Spammer Redirect Site?

This piece of spam has been sitting in my junk email folder for awhile; I've looked at it off and on, and puzzled over it. If anyone has further information on this, I'd be glad to hear it. Here's the text of the email:

Wish to perfect your business' visual identity?

lntend to obtain a powerful marketing tool?

Pursue recoqnition and solid identity?

Perfect soIution is riqht here .A team of professional designers has a Ionq-time experience in creating custom Ioqos and business/corporate identities for aIl kinds of businesses .The moment you see this desiqn is the moment your attention is captured by unique, eye-catchinq and recoqnizabIe images.

100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. AIl you have to do is select from numerous design ideas, define the desired color scheme, and insist on modifications until the final product looks exactly the way you picture it in your mind. The package prices are absolutely affordable for any size of business and there are no hidden fees involved.

Follow the link below to review the portfolio and check out the range of services. Become recognizable and recognized!

It's rather amusing to notice the replacements of various letters throughout the message. l's become either upper-case I's or 1's, and g's become q's. Generally speaking, spammers do this to prevent spam blockers from recognizing commonly used words like viagra, cialis, etc. But in this case, the misspelled words seem to be rather arbitrary, which makes me suspect they did this simply because they thought it would be cool.


Anyway, the interesting thing is the link you can click. It sends you to a site called 'tukam.org', which apparently has no content of its own. No matter what page you visit at tukam, it redirects you to some other site. It sent me to yahoo when I entered one page URL, it sent me to two other logo design companies, and an IT firm.

Why? That's what's puzzling me. I tend to think it's a way of protecting spammer sites. You know that if you are involved in spamming, your website may get canceled. So you hire this site to be your 'redirect' site. That way your spam never links to your own site; it links to tukam, which redirects to your site, and no spam contains your address.

Is that what's going on? I don't know. But I can't think of any other explanation. If you have any knowledge of what this scam is all about, please let me know!

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