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Spammer uses Tiny Lettering

Ha ha...this is one of the most creative pieces of spam I've seen in awhile. You know that AntiSpam software searches for commonly used words in spam (things like viagra, cialis, morgtage rates, etc.) and filters out suspicious looking emails that contain those words or phrases.

So the spammers try to sneak past the filters. One way they do this is by misspelling words, or using a modified leet speak (for example, spell viagra with a number 1 instead of an i: "V1agra".

But these guys have taken it up a notch. They've inserted random letters in the spam, but made them really tiny (font size: 1) so you only see them if you're looking really closely. In fact, they look even smaller than periods, if you can imagine that. The result is, it almost looks like a everything is correctly spelled.

But copy the text out and paste it into notepad, and you get something entirely different:

HGBello dmoeaer home owner,

We hHadve beetqn notiwfied th_at yTVo]ur mortgaQgiRe rate is fixed at a very high iPntOxerest r;at[e. TheareforHe you are currently overpaying, w(hich sums-up to thousa^nds of doll?arks annually .

Lu!ckily for you we can gMnuarantee the lowest rat>es in the U.S. (3.56%). So hurry because the ra)te f2sorecast is nGoKt lRkooking good!

ThIQere is nwio obligation, aLbnd it's FREE

Lock on thOpe 3.56%, eKDven wk7ith bad cred`it}!

Clever. Of course, it didn't work...my spam filter caught it anyway. HA!

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