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Fax Advertising Campaign? No WAY!

Is there anything worse than spam? Yes. Fax marketing programs are worse. Fax advertising campaigns are among the rudest forms of marketing out there. Why? Because it is one of the only campaigns that costs the recipient of the advertisement. Imagine how you would feel if you were sitting in front of the television, and every time a commercial came on, you were billed because you watched it. Wouldn't you be annoyed?

Well, isn't that what a fax marketing program is? When you receive a fax, it is using your paper, and your toner. You pay to receive the fax. Granted, it's not much, but in principle, this is a horrible intrusion on you, the consumer. In effect, it is the opposite of "Pay Per Impression" advertising, in which the merchant pays for each viewing of an advertisement.

Notice what Mr. Martino promises in this piece of spam I received today...that he can set things up so you send faxes from your computer, and it won't cost you anything. Is it possible? Is this the first form of advertising that costs the consumer more than it costs the merchant.


By the way, this piece of spam contains Mr. Martino's email address and phone number. Don't hesitate to call or email him and tell him what you think of this.

But for goodness sake, don't buy into his service. Every person who buys into this kind of moronic behavior is declaring that they think it's okay for merchants to charge us for their advertising. The people who buy into moronic behavior are...well, you can figure it out.

Dear Business Person:

I know that you are always looking for FRESH LOCAL Sales Leads. Who Isn't?

My name is Bob Martino, the owner of AdverFax, Inc., in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida since 1982.

I wanted to send you a quick email about our Very Profitable LOCAL and NATIONWIDE fax marketing program that works for virtually every business. The fax program that I have been sharing with businesses like yours for over 20 years has always produced incredible results for myself and thousands of my clients. No BS. Call me and I will explain, (954) 678-3821.

Imagine for a moment faxing your sales promotion ( I Will Create It For You), in your local area, to thousands of businesses FROM YOUR OWN COMPUTER! Did you know that the computer you are reading my email from right now, can send out 1,200 of your fax ads every day in your local area? I Will Show You How!

I am in the business of setting up companies like yours and showing you how you can create a very profitable fax marketing program using your own computer LEGALLY, like I have!

Why pay me every time you want to send a fax when I can show you how to do it yourself for FREE?

Here is the best part. Did you know that it is FREE to send your fax promotion using your own computer in your local area! I already have fax numbers in your local area. Please give me a call for a fax number count.

I also have 1.5 million business fax numbers nationwide.

If you are interested in Nationwide fax broadcasting and want to target your market, We Can Help You.

I will design your fax promotion and provide you with FREE fax list updates. I even handle your remove requests for you FREE of charge! Oh, I forgot to mention. I do your programming for you, using remote access. It doesn't matter where you are! You don't even have to learn anything!!!! I do it all for you. Give me a call, I will tell you all about it.

Please give me a call today at (954) 678-3821 or email me @ AdverFax@aol.com with your name and phone number and best time to call.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you and have a great day!

Bob Martino
(954) 678-3821

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