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Forged Email Address: Suspicious Business Contact

This is just the kind of email that makes an up-and-coming web company feel mighty special...

ATTN: Vice President Sales/Director of Marketing

Call me immediately at [spammertelephone]. We want to feature your product on our next television show.


Well, that's really nice! My software products have come to the attention of some major marketing people, who want to do a television spot on my company!

*takes a deep breath*

Okay, obviously, they aren't planning to do this for free, so let's get that idea right out of our heads. The next question is...how much will it cost.

No, wait...that's not the next question. The next question is: why are they using a 'throw-away' email address to contact me? They have their own domain, their own email addresses...and they're using some obscure 67-character email address from an obscure domain to contact me.

Should this make me suspicious? Yeah...sorry ma'am...even if I was looking for television spots, your email address gave away the fact that you're a spammer (and probably didn't even visit my site) so I'm not doing business with you, even if you paid me!

A Helpful Hint
Read the article on this site called Throw-Away Email Addresses!

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