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Financing Your Home

I've never understood this particular piece of spam; as a marketing ploy, its success is entirely dependant on several unlikely circumstances...

We tried to contact you earlier about flnanclng your home at a lower rate.
I would like to let you know that we have gone ahead and started
the preapproval process,

Here are the results:

*Account ID: [265-Dtwitch-045]
*Negotiable Amount: $91,460 to $274, 741
*Rate: 3.36% - 5.96%

For more information or to have a broker contact you please visit:

Best Regards,

Kayla Reeves,
Account Manager

No future contact:

Here are the circumstances which are required for this piece of garbage to work as a marketing ploy:

  • The email recipient has to have never seen an email like this one before. Considering I've received hundreds of them, this means the recipient has to be a relative newbie to the internet community

  • The email recipient has to have recently filled out an online form for a home financing broker. If he hasn't, he won't be eager to do business with these people...he will be enraged that they have his financial data without his permission or approval

  • The financial broker has to have not responded in a timely fashion, so when this email comes in, the recipient says "Ah! At last!" and clicks the link

  • Finally (and here's the real kicker) the recipient has to be completely unsuspicious when he gets to the site and discovers that they don't seem to have his data anywhere, and he has to enter it all over again!

Of course, this is probably not a marketing ploy anyway; it's probably a phishing ploy. The sender doesn't care about actually getting a complete application from you; he just wants you to get far enough into the application process that you've given him some secure financial information, like a bank account number, a credit card number, or some other sensitive data.

Beware, and stay away from these emails!

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