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Financial Consultant Mr. David Mido

This scam is amusing - you've got ask yourself, what kind of financial advisor would send out indiscriminate emails to businesses without first checking the legality of his business offer. Yeah. No kidding, he actually admits that he doesn't know whether "my country" allows what he's asking. ::)

In all seriousness, he hasn't even got a clue what country I'm in,because this scam is being sent to thousands of businesses all over the world.

Don't get suckered into this!

Dear Sir/Madam.

l am Mr David Mido a financial consultant based in East LONDON.l have a client (a widow)she has $12,000 000.00 USD with private equity investment trust company for safe keeping. And she is willing to offer you 20% of the total fund if you can assist her transfer this fund to your country or any bank of your wish. She wishes to invest the fund in a stable economy.Her interest is in companies with potentials for rapid growth in long terms.My client is interested in placing part of her fund in your company,if your country`s bi-laws allows foreign investment.Include your phone and Fax numbers for easy communication purpose.

Mobile:+447024078666. Call me from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm London time
Mr David Mido

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