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Expiring Domains

I know someone who makes a regular practice of buying domain names that no one is using, and then just sitting on them, doing nothing with them but hoping that someday someone will want to buy them, then he can charge an arm and a leg for them.

Personally, I think this is a despicable practice - he is trying to make money by providing no valuable service. No, wait - it's not just that he's not providing a valuable service - he's providing no service at all! What could make the practice more despicable? Well, any of the following...

  1. If he spammed people about the domain names he owned
  2. If he threatened to actually use the domain names to distract traffic from other people's websites (that would be like telling people that you're going to throw mud at them if they don't pay you for the mud they're holding)
  3. If he sent spam that suggested he had a clue about professionalism
  4. If he sent multiple copies of his spam, flooding my inbox with four emails about the same domain in less than four hours (yes, that would work out to one spam per hour!)

Of course, it's hard to imagine someone would actually do the things I've described above. But anyway, I thought you might be interested to see a piece of spam I got yesterday, and - speaking of nothing, I got four pieces of spam from this guy in less than four hours.

Recently, [some domain name] expired and we acquired it in a domain name auction. Since you own the [a similar domain name owned by me] version of this domain name we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to own the preferred [their domain] version. Our company specializes in recovering preferred expiring domains and either selling them to individuals such as yourself or building out our own web presence on those valuable domains.

[their domain] is a pretty darn good domain name and, the truth is, the [their domain] is a far stronger version of the name than then [my domain] is.

* [their domain] is much easier to remember

* [their domain] conveys Professionalism that [my domain] cannot match.

If you'd like to own [their domain], you can buy it now by covering our acquisition costs and a modest profit.

If you have any interest I encourage you to act quickly because this domain name will only be offered for sale for a limited time.

Click Here For Pricing On [their domain]

[their web link]

Please advise,

By the way, if you're wondering, I'm not buying [their domain]. Anyone who types in [their domain] while looking for [my domain] did so because they are already familiar with my site. And these guys definitely won't build a site that can fool people into thinking it's mine, so the people who type the domain name will quickly realize they've typed the wrong address.

Besides which, I don't play well with mud-wielders.