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First Bank And Trust Scam

I wonder how many banks there are that have 'First Bank and Trust' in their name. In fact, you go to Google and run a search for that exact phrase, you get 55,000 web pages. Not bad.

So this scammer is not targeting one specific bank so much as a more generic name which may resonate with millions of banking customers. The downside, of course, is that they can't put any bank logo or other info in the email.

This is NOT from your bank, even if it is called "First Bank And Trust"! Don't go to the web page. Don't click the link.

Dear First Bank and Trust member,

We have recently noticed many attacks to our database and this requires us to rebuild our system integrity. We regulary screen our members account information to reduce fraud and ID-theft.
This security measure is intended to help protect our First Bank and Trust members and their accounts. We are sorry for any inconvenience. However, failure in updating your account records will result in suspension or limiting your account access.

Lindsay A. Alexander

President & CEO First Bank and Trust