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Cheap Advertising, Cheap Product?

Why in the WORLD shouldn't I take advantage of an advertising method that costs me virtually nothing?

One thing many people don't realize (unless they've been on the receiving end) is the utter frustration and irritation that accompanies spam (unsolicited emails of any kind). It's easy to rationalize it by saying "Well, why not? People receive advertisements in the mail, and they receive telephone solicitation as well; why shouldn't email work just as well?"

And the answer is surprisingly simple. Ask yourself this question: "Why are you thinking about an email campaign, instead of a mailing or telephone campaign?" Because an email campaign is much cheaper! In fact, in the eyes of your potential customers, it costs you nothing at all!

Why do we put up with television commercials, flyers, and even telemarketers? Because we know that it's costing you something to contact us. For each flyer, each phone call, you are spending money on your potential customers. That, in itself, lends credibility to your product. But in the eyes of your customers, when you send them an unsolicited email, you are paying nothing for the opportunity to advertise.

In other words, it's like you've stuck a sign to your forehead that says, "My product is so poorly designed that I don't dare to spend money on marketing it!"