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Martin Line's Mea Culpa

I have no pity for spammers who lie to me. Here's a piece of spam from someone named Martin Line, who apologizes because in the spam he sent yesterday, he accidentally put the wrong web link. Then he says that he's sending this email "only to the 4,388 people who opened yesterday's e-mail".

You've got to ask yourself "How would he know who opened his email?" And the answer is, he doesn't.

It's possible to embed a picture in your email, so whenever someone opens the email, it generates a hit on your website, and you can use that to track who read your email. But there are two problems with this....
  1. His original email was plain text, which means he couldn't embed an image
  2. Even if he had, I have Microsoft Outlook set to block such images

Oh, and maybe he meant to say that he sent this only to the ones who clicked his link in the first email. If he did mean that, he's still lying, since I certainly did not click any of his links.

Why does a spammer tell these kinds of lies? Simple. It's a way of getting the foot in the door. It's a way of fooling you into thinking that you were interested in what he had to offer.

But what you've got to ask yourself is, Why would I get involved with someone who is so DESPERATE for my business that he'd LIE to get it?

Hi, everyone!

I can't believe I have to say this ... it's so embarrassing ... but apparently I screwed up the link in yesterday's e-mail somehow and none of you who who clicked through the WebEx link were able to register for this Thursday's Real Estate Lead Generation Webinar that my friend, Bob Cefail of In Touch Media Group, is hosting.

I'm sending this note right now only to the 4,388 people who opened yesterday's e-mail regarding this exciting Real Estate event. I wanted to apologize for the broken link and any frustration or inconvenience it may have caused and, of course, to offer them another chance to enroll ... at absolutely no cost ... for this incredibly informative webinar hosted by one of the true masters in creating massive, targeted traffic through internet marketing, Bob Cefail.

To enroll for the event, click here and then click again on the "Enroll" button inside:

The event password is: searchpro

The event number is: 719 090 463

One more thing: there's a small chance that some of you will actually get a second e-mail from me this morning that is simply a corrected version of the one that caught your attention yesterday. In an effort to keep you from having to open back to back e-mails from me today, I've copied the original message and pasted it just under the line below. This way you can do a quick re-read and get excited about taking part in this super important event. And, as ever ... if you'd no longer prefer to recieive e-mails from me for any reason, please, just click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this e-mail and I'll remove you from my Opt-In Contacts immediately.

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