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Money Back Guarantee!

I received a piece of spam yesterday which began with this amusing statement:

A Money Back Guarantee on the Internet? Noboby Offers That, Do They?

Well, apparently our friend Martin is a Noboby, because he does offer a money back guarantee for his business proposition.

He writes:

A Money Back Guarantee on the Internet? Noboby Offers That, Do They?

Actually, yes ... I do.


Easy ... when you work with me, failure is not an option.

I will mentor, teach and train you until you learn exactly how to unlock the power of the internet so that you, too, can experience it's awesome and immediate income generating potential, just like I have.

Aside from the fact that he can't spell "nobody", and the fact that he doesn't know when not to put an apostrophe in the word "its", there are a variety of reasons not to trust this piece of spam.

Take a look at this quote:

If you’re like I was earlier this year, you're looking for an online business that puts thousands in your bank every week, has a fast and exponential return on your investment, and is something that works with your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Now compare it to this one later in the spam...

A Great Team ensures your success with our years and years of business success

Well, which is it, Martin? You started being successful this year? Or you have years and years of business success?

But that's not the real reason to be leary of this. Here's the real reason:


I advertise your business websites to my highly responsive, 3 million strong, double opt-in business opportunity seekers every week until you get your money back. Additionally, I or my professional staff call and close visitors to your websites. This Advertising and Closing Service continues until you get your money back from our placement of new members on your team.

Did you catch that? his money back guarantee is not a money back guarantee at all! Read it again! He ABSOLUTELY does NOT offer to give you your money back! He simply says that he'll keep spamming people about your website until you DO get your money back!

So not only do you lose your money, you make everyone mad at YOU for flooding their spamboxes.

I wouldn't buy into this. I don't recommend that you do either.

In fact, if I had my way, the only people who got involved in this business would be...


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