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Online Store Scam

I decided it was time to write a "generic" post about all those businesses out there that are spamming people, telling you that you are guaranteed to make megabucks if you buy their online store.

Now, I need to caution you that not all companies which offer an online store/reseller program are frauds. For example, GoDaddy has a reseller program, and people really do make money from it. Amazon offers a fully stocked "a-store" to their associates, and people really do make money from that as well.

But just because GoDaddy and Amazon do it, doesn't mean that everyone who does it is legitimate.

Many of the scammers out there will offer you an "online store" knowing full well that you will never make any money from your store. Then why do they do it? Simple. They charge you a setup fee and a monthly maintenance fee for your website. Their money doesn't come from your sales - it comes from the fees you pay them directly. They don't care if you make money from the site or not!

What are some clues that you're dealing with a scam? Here are just a few:

  1. They sent you spam. That is the primary clue right there. If they are so desperate for business that they sent you spam, you know right off the bat that their income comes from you not from sales. Do not do business with anyone who spams you!
  2. They promise you that you're going to make money, and assure you that you won't even have to do any work. That is a flat-out lie. If it doesn't require work, they would have automated systems setting up these cookie-cutter sites without any human intervention. The statement "You're guaranteed to make money without any work" is equivalent to: "Thanks for giving us your money, sucker!"
  3. In addition to the promise that you'll make money without work, they charge a setup fee and a monthly maintenance fee. Some real programs do require a setup fee, but hardly any legitimate ones also have a monthly maintenance fee. Remember: they plan to take the lion's share of everything you sell, so if you're guaranteed to make money, WHY do they need to collect monthly fees from you?

If you decide you're going to get involved with one of these online reseller programs, just remember this: business on the internet is a lot of work. The only way to make money quick on the internet is to scam people. So anyone who tells you that you can make money quick on the internet has just announced to you that they are scamming people. Why would you do business with them?