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Question: Titles for my web pages?

I see a lot of sites with page titles like 'Home Page' or 'My Webpage' or 'Contact Me'. Are these good titles? Does it matter what I use?


Sad to say, many people forget to set their page titles to something relevant before publishing their website. The result is that they lose out on a valuable opportunity to include keywords and keyphrases. For best search engine optimization, you should make as much use of your title as you do your keywords and description metatags.

The title can be anywhere up to 50 or 60 characters, and should contain as many searchable keywords and phrases as possible. Not only that, the most important keywords should be near the beginning of the title.

Take this page for example. It would have been tempting to title the page "Does it really matter what I name my web pages?" But that page title only has one significant keyphrase in it: "web pages"

Instead I chose to name the page "Website Page Titles And Search Engine Optimization". Notice all the keywords and phrases: website, page titles, search engine, and search engine optimization.

And then, of course, all those key words and keyphrases get repeated either in the description, the keywords, or the page content--or all three.

And yes, I take this much care with every page I add to my site. You should too.

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