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Question: Is the Winking Emoticon considered Flirtatious?

should a emoticon with the winking eye and a smile be interpeted as a flirtatious signal. I'm new to this game , but i just got this sign from a young woman i've been in correspondence with on a friendly basis for a few days now. I kinda like her style. It came at the end of a nice e-mail.


I say, I sure hope not, because I use the winking smilie on a regular basis, and when writing to people I have no intention of being flirtatious with!

Often people use the winking emoticon as a way of showing that they're not really serious about something. For example:

Boy, you must be really dumb for asking that question.

You see? I'm just kidding when I say you're dumb, and I let you know that, by putting a wink at the end.

Other people use emoticons at every opportunity, and sometimes when there really isn't a reason for the emoticon. Typically, these are folks who also use lol and other internet slang far too much:

lol. You know what I mean? lol

Now, my guess is that your friend wasn't being flirtatious, but it is possible - it all depends on the person. I guess the best way to find out would ask her.

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