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Question: What Do You Think Of This Gallbladder Website?

Hi Doug,

I saw on your blog that you're having gallbladder surgery. Have you ever checked out this site: [link removed]

There's a proven home remedy for flushing gallstones without surgery.

What do you think?

Good luck!


Hi there,

Well, first of all, I removed the web link, which you probably won't mind, unless you're the site owner, hoping to get some link popularity from me.

I don't have any opinion on home remedies in general, so I'm going to assume that when you asked "what do you think?" you were talking about that site in particular. And I'm going to have fun answering this!

Because, you see, the site is crooked. And I wouldn't buy ANYTHING from that site!

First, when you visit the site, notice that at the top of the page it says: Last updated: August 20, 2007

Technically, it probably won't say "August 20, 2007" when you read it. It'll list the current date as the "last updated" date. How do I know that? Because I looked at the "code" running the page, and it looks like this:

<script language="javascript">
Today = new Date();
TodayDay = Today.getDate();
TodayMon = Today.getMonth();
TodayYear = Today.getYear();
if (TodayYear < 2000) TodayYear += 1900;

if (TodayMon == 0) { TodayMonth = "January"; }
else if (TodayMon == 1) { TodayMonth = "February"; }
else if (TodayMon == 2) { TodayMonth = "March"; }
else if (TodayMon == 3) { TodayMonth = "April"; }
else if (TodayMon == 4) { TodayMonth = "May"; }
else if (TodayMon == 5) { TodayMonth = "June"; }
else if (TodayMon == 6) { TodayMonth = "July"; }
else if (TodayMon == 7) { TodayMonth = "August"; }
else if (TodayMon == 8) { TodayMonth = "September"; }
else if (TodayMon == 9) { TodayMonth = "October"; }
else if (TodayMon == 10) { TodayMonth = "November"; }
else if (TodayMon == 11) { TodayMonth = "December"; }
else { TodayMonth = TodayMon; }

document.write(TodayMonth + " " + TodayDay + ", " + TodayYear);


What does that mean? It means that every night at midnight that text updates to the current date. In other words, the webmaster is lying to you. The date changes whether or not the site really is updated; they simply changed the date so it would LOOK like it had been updated today.

And if they'll lie to you about that, what else do you suppose they'll lie about?

Hmmm...let's think about this...

Do you suppose they REALLY have gotten actual testimonials? If they lie about the date they modified the site, how do you know they didn't actually make up those testimonials themselves?

Do you suppose he's REALLY a doctor? I mean, he's got what looks like a doctor's lab coat on, but no where on the site did I see any listed education and/or degrees. I wonder...

And finally, here's a fun trick to try. Grab a sentence or two from his explanation of gallstones and copy it into your clipboard. Now go to Google and paste it in, putting quotes around it. When you run the search, you will discover a variety of sites containing exactly that text. Turns out the text is from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).

This raises an interesting question in my mind. If the guy actually knows what he's talking about, and has written extensively on gallbladder and gallstones, why in the WORLD doesn't he tell us about it in his own words? And if he has to copy someone elses writing, why in the WORLD isn't there an NIDDK reference anywhere on his page?

So...all in all, why in the WORLD would you buy his report?

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