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Question: Why Do People Make Blogs?

why do people make blogs?


This isn't a question which can be answered with one simple statement; there are a variety of reasons why people choose to blog. I'll list just a few of those reasons below. I'm sure there are others that I've missed.

1. To persuade people of your particular viewpoint. If you feel strongly about some topic, whether it's politics, religion, or maybe sports, you might want to persuade other people to see things the same way you do. A blog lets you put your opinion out there for others to read. Does it work? Sometimes. But often what happens is this: the people who end up reading your blog faithfully are the ones who already agree with you.

2. To keep in touch with family and friends. Some people want their friends and family know about all the things they're doing from day to day. (How the vacation went, how the baby is doing, where you went on Friday night, etc.). These kinds of blogs often go great guns for awhile, and then fizzle out after awhile. After all, when you have time to update it, those are the times when there's not as much interesting stuff to write about, and when you don't have time to update it, well, that's when all the interesting stuff is happening!

3. To provide corporate information. Many companies maintain blogs as a means of providing information to customers, employees, and/or the public. These blogs might have information about upcoming products and services, product recalls, and other business related news.

4. To promote a website. This is closely related to #3; sometimes people build websites, and then use a blog as a way of keeping fresh new content on the site, to entice visitors to come to the site.

5. To make money. This is very common; people often build blogs and sell advertising space on the blog, or join affiliate money-making programs and provide links to products for sale. Whether or not a blog of this type is successful depends to a large degree on how popular the blog becomes. Many bloggers give up after awhile, deciding that the money they earn doesn't pay for the time they spend updating the blog.

Hope that's helpful!

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