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Welcome to Project Hymnbook!

This free forum is a place where you can post chord and lyric sheets for the hymns, and other non-copyrighted songs you use in church. In addition, you can search for the songs you need, and download them for use in your own music projects.

Note: While you can use any browser to copy music from this forum, you may not be able to post songs if you are not using Internet Explorer; the ChordMaker file format uses characters which are not supported in some older browsers.

Please note that we are very strict about the posting of copyrighted material on this site. There are hundreds upon hundreds of non-copyrighted Christian songs, and these songs are the focus of the 'Project Hymnbook' website. Users who post copyrighted material here, or otherwise abuse this free forum, will be subject to temporary or permanent banning. Please carefully check the copyright of any material before you post it here!

If everyone abides by this simple rule, this site should run itself with minimum interference from the moderator. Thank you for your consideration of these legal matters. Any inquiries about this forum should be directed to:

God bless,
Douglas Twitchell

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