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Question: Should I delete the file SULFNBK.EXE?

I recieved an email saying that my computer might be infected with the virus sulfnbk.exe. Sure enough, I've got that file. What should I do to get rid of it?


Remember, you should ignore emails about viruses. Most of them are hoaxes. And this one is no different.

Yes, your computer has the file SULFNBK.EXE. (That is, if you have a Windows 95/98/ME operating system) It's a legitimate system file under those operating systems. It is not a virus!

Someone thought it would be cute to start this rumor floating about, just to see how many people would delete this file from their system. The good news is, it's not an important file, and most people who delete it will probably never know the difference. But if you have deleted it, it wouldn't hurt to restore the file.

Symantec has a nice page on this hoax, with instructions on how to restore sulfnbk.exe.

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