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Welcome To The Ask Doug Website!

Since I first began doing business on the internet, I've received questions on a variety of subjects... After a few years of answering questions, I decided it was time to start compiling some of those questions and answers in one place. Thus the "Ask Doug" website was born.

Below you will find links to some of the questions I've received and answered. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, you can ask me a question! (Hint: use the search bar to find out if I've already answered your question!)

Should I purchase text links for my website?
Recovering Email Password from Previous Email Provider
Why Did the Foot Washing Happen During the Passover Meal?
Why can't they all be secure?
Encrypted and Unencrypted information
Why Do People Make Blogs?
What does thepadlock icon tell you?
Do People Make Money from Blogs?
Questions About HTTPS
Why Does Windows Vista Have That Security WIndow?
I have Windows Vista, and I'm getting a missing file error.
Is This Home Business Legit?
Is PEMDAS no longer the standard Order of Operations?
Is Alexa Traffic Ranking Important?
How Important Is PR (PageRank)
What Is Hotlinking, and why is it bad?
What Do You Think Of This Gallbladder Website?
What Does This Mean?
Doug overlooked something!
Why can't I access these sites?
Why Do I Get Nonsensical Emails?
Why does the Gospel of John mention the number 153?
How do I choose a Strong Password vs a Weak Password?
Can I Stop Spammers From Doing This?
Is Ericsson really giving away free computer laptops?
Why can't I connect to my MySQL Database?
Can I Tresect An Angle Using This Method?
What happened to the missing dollar?
PWND - What does it mean?
Is the Winking Emoticon considered Flirtatious?
Spam with dead URLs - what is the point?
What Is CCAPP.exe?
Can I Download Software That's Not Verified?
Is This Turnkey Website Business For Real?
Frames - How Do I Keep a Dynamic Address Bar?
Why Isn't The Address Bar Changing?
Java Applets and Flash in Menus
How Do I Get More Hits, and Raise My Ranking?
What is Pharming? How Is It Different From Phishing?
Create a Web Page Pop Up without Toolbars
Changing ISPs and Email Addresses When I Move
Why am I getting emails with Zip Files?
Recognizing A Viable And Trustworthy Company
My Site Doesn't Look As Good In A Smaller Window
Two-Tier and Three-Tier Architecture?
Should I Trust An Online Business?
W32.Blaster.Worm - how do I get rid of it?
What Is Phishing?
Internet Explorer For Macintosh problem
Shoudl I provide passwords at unsecure sites?
Examples of HTTPS
Shouldn't your site meet Bobby's requirements?
What Is A Trojan Horse?
What is a computer virus?
How do I know when my pages are listed?
Someone is faking my email address.
Undeliverable emails from unknown email addresses
Website layout changes while images are loading
Titles for my web pages?
Any tricks to promoting a non-profit website?
Should I let my child join an internet website?
Should I let my child browse the internet?
What is the best placement for my navigation menus?
Why doesn't my site look good in Netscape?
Is it wise to post my contact info on my site?
How Secure are secure servers?
Al Gore didn't REALLY invent the internet, did he?
Who is Bobby, and should I be doing anything about him?
What file attachments can I safely open?
Can't I receive EXE, and MDB files in Outlook?
Can viruses attack through image files?
Why do people get so upset about email forwards?
How do I keep spammers from getting my email address?
Should I delete the file SULFNBK.EXE?
Should I use an automated website promotion tool?
Should I change my email address?
Interpreting internet slang is beyond me!
Why shouldn't I use capital letters?
Telling the difference between real and fake viruses
Any special requirements for formatting hyperlinks?
Why should I use ALT Tags in my images?
Meta Tags - Description and Keywords. What are they?
Internet Listserve and Email Addresses
How can I get in a search engine FAST?
HTTP and HTTPS - What is the difference?
What exactly is the 'Diameter of the Internet'?
How do I interpret those odd punctuation marks?
Can I Put My Credit Card Number in an Email Message?
Do I Really Need To Renew My AntiVirus Subscription?
What AntiVirus Software Do You Use?
Virus Definitions - What Are They?