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Question: How Secure are secure servers?

I know everyone uses credit cards online all the time, and everyone says it's secure, but I can't help but be nervous about it; I always hear stories about hackers who crack site security. Is it really secure?


If you've been watching the new TV series "NUMB3RS", in which an FBI agent and his mathemetician brother work together to solve crimes, you may have seen the episode where they were talking about cracking encryptions and hacking into internet secure sites.

Is it possible? Sure it is. But here's the thing. The show also demonstrated why you and I don't have too much to worry about. Here it is: if someone actually comes up with an algorithm to crack the security protecting secure servers, do you really think they're going to come after my piddly little credit card or yours? No. They'll have much bigger fish to fry, and by the time they get to our credit cards, we'll have had plenty of time to cancel our credit cards.

In this life nothing is certain, except (as they say) death and taxes. So be careful with your credit card. Pay close attention to your credit card statements to make sure you're not getting any unauthorized charges (but you do that anyway, right?) and you'll be fine.

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