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Question: Why can't I access these sites?


You had explained the difference between web address begins with https:// ( secure) and http:// (not secure) but I want to view a website with http, which is:

I go to my Internet security Properties and allow this website but it asked for https://www and the web site is http://www. So why is this? I have tried to get to the web site from Google, my emails that I receive from classmates and no go. Photobucket is also another website I can't get onto. I really need to know why this happens. Please help! My computer is talking to the website in a secure code that no one can eavesdrop on but I at least want to view the website.

Thanks Lisa


Hi Lisa,

I'm going to take a crack at this, but I'm not sure I have enough information to help you out.

My guess is that you are accessing the internet either from work, a school, or some other network which is blocking certain websites. This is a fairly common thing - in schools they don't want students visiting anything but educational/research websites, and similarly in the workplace, no one wants people playing video games and such.

The sites you mentioned, photobucket and classmates, along with other personal website/profile sites like xanga, myspace, youtube (and the list goes on and on...) are typically blocked by schools and/or businesses.

So, if you're trying to access from school/work, that maybe why. If that's not the case, keep reading, because the rest of the answer may help you understand a little better what's happening.

You spoke about "allowing" the website in your Internet Security Properties. My guess is that you were trying to add these sites to your "trusted" sites within the internet options page. If you are unable to access a website, that's the logical response.

However, by default, your browser probably won't let you add it as a trusted site unless it is secure (https). Thus, you would get a message saying "site must be https" (or something similar to that).

This simply means that your browser will not add it as a "trusted" site, because it is not a secure site.

But, if the issue is what I suggested at the beginning of the page, then adding it as a "trusted" site isn't going to help you out anyway.

If you think your computer's network may be blocking the sites, you can ask your network administrator about it, and see if they will allow the sites for you.

And if all this is way off base...well...feel free to give me more details.

Good luck!

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