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Question: What Does This Mean?

what does <3 mean?



Hi Pat,

Well, there's the obvious explanation, it's a mathematical expression, for example:

2 < 3 (two is less than three)

However, I'm fairly confident that this is not the context you're looking for.

What you're probably looking for is the internet shorthand explanation for <3.

Probably someone put it in an email. There's a good chance that you saw it towards the end of the email, or maybe as part of a larger, more obscure bit of internet shorthand, like this:

i <3 u

What does it mean? It's a heart (tip your head sideways and you'll see it!), and therefore symbolizes love. So "i <3 u" would be internet slang for "I love you", and if someone signed their email:

"<3 Doug", that would mean: "Love, Doug"

Hope that answers your question.

<3 Doug

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