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Speed Unit Converter

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The Speed unit converter allows the user to convert speed unit into any of the following units: meters/second, kilometers/second, kilometers/hour, feet/second, miles/second, miles/hour, inches/second, centimeters/second, benz, feet/hour, furlongs/hour, kilometers/day, knots, leagues/hour, mach, nautical miles/hour, speed of light (in air), speed of light (in vacuum)

The tool allows the user to enter a speed, and then choose the units to convert that value from and to. The checkbox allows the user to choose between a 'short' list (commonly used units) and a 'long list'. The long list of units allows the user to convert between less common units.

The Mega Toolbox includes the following unit converters:
  • Mass/weight units
  • Distance units
  • Time units
  • Angle units
  • Cooking units
  • Volume units
  • Speed units
  • Temperature units

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