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Doug's SEO Scam Watch

Several years ago, I started up the Anti Spam Site, a resource which has saved visitors thousands of dollars by helping them avoid online scams perpetrated by spammers. Over the years there has been one type of spammer which has earned my ire more than any other...the SEO Scammers.

To understand SEO Scammers, you need to understand first what SEO is. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO specialists advertise that they can help you get your site noticed by the major search engines. Common promises are "We will increase your page rank," or "We will get you on Google's page one for your chosen keywords." If they can deliver on their promises, they'll help increase the traffic (and, therefore, the revenue) to your site.

But here's the catch: most of the SEO "specialists" doing business on the internet are simply blowing smoke. In fact, most of them are so desperately clueless about SEO that they can't even promote their own websites! Most of them don't know the difference between Google and a gosling.

So how are you going to know if an SEO company is on the level? I'd like to be able to give you a complete and perfectly reliable system for finding good SEO companies, but - of course - I can't. What I can do is, I can give you a list of things I've learned from years of doing SEO myself, and studying the sneaky tactics of treacherous scammers.

Click the Index link to choose the articles you want to read. You can read them in order, or just pick the ones that look interest to you. I hope you find something of use as you explore options for promoting your own website.

Douglas Twitchell
Virtu Software